From Developer to Trader within a bank

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by newjack, Sep 6, 2009.

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    I have been offered software development places at 3 leading banks, and as much as I would enjoy them my aim is to eventually become a trader.

    I know there are many people here who have gone from developer to trader, and some who have done so within a bank so I'm wondering if anyone can give some info on what their experience was like? Was it an easy transition? Could you get a job within the same bank as a trader? Did the bank give you any support or did they view it as a bad thing? Did their education system help you become a good trader?

    Any info would be appreciated.

  2. I think they view it as a bad thing. What they look for in developers is very different from traders. Anyway, a good developer can make a lot of money without the risk of a trader.

    2 cents
  3. You are going in the wrong direction. Traders are gradually being replaced with algorithmic trading. And IT financial developers are the ones coding the systems.
  4. Sir, besides money, what makes you want to be a trader? You'd better have a good answer cuz that is the numero uno thing that they are going to ask. If you are clueless about trading and just apply, lol. You got to show that you know something and that you learned it on the side as a pastime that became a passion. And it's got to be true.

    "The professional senses who has served his time and who hasn't. Like Alan Ladd and Jack Palance circling each other in Shane, a gun recognizes another gun." Steven Pressfield, The War of Art
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    I've been trading part time long enough to know that I enjoy it more than programming, and can see myself being happier spending the next 10 years trading than programming.

    Like you say though, programmers are the new traders, so naturally I wouldn't quit completely.

    Does anyone have any input on how they made the switch?
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    Take the developer position, spend the next few years building up your bankroll and learn to trade on the side. Also you could try to befriend a trader or two in your bank and who knows, they might point you in the right direction.
  7. Just go with the bank that actually has a desk on the site you will be at...
    If you prove yourself to be sharp within the bank, it shouldn't be to hard to land a spot as a jr trader on the desk...especially if you network effectively.
    If the site has no desk though its going to be alot harder just from not knowing anyone.
  8. If you fail as a trader, you're gone forever.

    Even if you fail as a developer (i.e. securities failures allow hackers), you can still work there for years.
  9. What are you still doing here?