From dead broke to $100,000 in cash, in one quick and simple side hustle

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    The arb is dead. It's BS and the equivalent of collecting cans.
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    Yeah but if you take the cans to Michigan....
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    Or the Coors to TX.
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    "The mother of all mail days".
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    Amun Ra

    In my younger days I thought about doing this, but from Nevada to California. Price in NV was 33 cents and in CA at the time I believe it was $1.10. Even though I was told it was illegal, I still thought about it. Doing mental math thinking if I could just do half a ton of cans per run, that would be $770 profit - gas cost. I was drooling. What ultimately stopped me was when I found out that a 50 gallon bag of aluminum cans weighs about 10 pounds. I could only MAYBE put 5 or 6 full bags in my car profiting me no more than $40. $40 isn't worth going to jail for or risking a big fine.
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    This is simply retail or Amazon arbitrage. Tough way to make a living, but great if you have more time than money.
    You could apply the same techniques for craigslist or any other large retail platform.