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  1. IM an irish 18 year old inbetween school and college. Ive made all my money from poker since the age of 16. I love to excel at everything. That is my ambition, the money is just a reward. Ive decided i am going to do a small blog with my new challenge. I have a bankroll of about 20k.

    I have read countless forums,books, articles, etc. I have such a passion for all this and i hope it goes well.

    I will be trading on the FTSE intradays from 9 -close. 8-9 is too volatile. although my bank is 20k, my bets will be about €4. Everyday i will do this, except thursday. i recover from hangovers that day.:( . I have a basic system

    My feed will be yahoo. other tools used will be from ADVFN, igindex, bloomberg and quote.

    I have had no education about any of this and just hope i am one of the 5 %.

    My main aim for this is the education. As i have not worked in 2 years i need something for my CV which i will present to Goldman Sachs next year :) . I start 2morrow.

    If there have been a lot of these i apologise. Only joined today and this is kinda like my journal.

    If you have read this far, Any Advice, thanks
  2. it seems this is the wrong forum. sorry:(
  3. I'm sure you can get this thread moved to another forum, but either way good luck hopefully you do well and land that job at GS, I'll be reading.
  4. I take it you are spread betting as opposed to the actual liffe contract?
  5. You would have been sitting on your hands today be sure.
  6. It would be great if i could just keep here. I just thought some people might have said wrong forum, you're supposed to post this stuff in journals.

    Anyway, this is all on a site called betfair. yes, i will be spreadbetting.
  7. i actually read every single post on that thread. Thats one thing i have learned a lot from poker : discipline and bank management.

    I actually read somewhere that some firms encourage employees to play poker for the skills it will provide and develop. I had poor bankroll management when i started and now it is pretty good.

    My parents keep going on about my CV and how i never work, hence jobs wont take me, but i dont see how manual labour will help me equities.

    Only have 7 weeks at this as i got a scholarship for eco and finance.
  8. I will post my strategy some time today.
  9. If you have a bankroll of about 20 large, then why are you wasting your time with bucket shops instead of a direct access trading account?
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