From CEO to pizza delivery driver

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  1. Here is the correct link--

    The guy was making 750k a year in Florida (like making 1.5 million plus in NYC). He took great vacations, was a member of a country club, and lives in a mansion.

    He hasn't paid the mortgage on his mansion in 2 years, and he has 100k in credit card debt. He's lived for free and will stick the CC company with 100k in losses when he declares BK.

    No matter how much this guy made he was 2 steps ahead. I just don't feel sorry for people like that. It's poeple like him and reckless lenders that destroyed the financial system of this country.
  2. Easier from the source ABCnews, with text

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    If this guy was really any good he could have made money trading.

    Bottom line - another bullshit artist salestard bites the dust.

    Maybe he and Ron Insana could form a Hedgie Anonymous group.
  4. his wife is a hot milf
  5. You might have a chance, all you have to do is make more than a pizza delivery man! :p

    I mean, this guy blew through one-half a million dollars in about four years ... ! :eek: :confused:
  6. Sales trading and trading real money are 2 totally unrelated skill sets.

    Not sure why he thought he could simply start a hedge fund after being a salestrader..
  7. He probably thought he had the inside scoop on how the markets work.
  8. yeah. Or just planned on trading inside information from "contacts"..
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    maybe he thought he could raise money and leave the strategy to someone else. Even raising money is different than sales trading. I feel bad for the guy but with some better choices, he could have prevented much grief.
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