From bull market to bear market in a matter of weeks

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    The Nikkei is just an example of what happens to markets that get overbought. A few weeks ago everyone thought the Nikkei was only going to its down 3000 points and in bear market territory one and I mean not one single person predicted this drop. The same can happen here when you least expect it....

    Nikkei Enters Bear Market on Yen | June 06, 2013 | 08:21 PM EDTAsian stocks opened lower on Friday and may be headed for another rocky session as investors dumped the_U.S. dollar [JPY00H=_97.34__+0.00 (+0.00%)_]overnight and pushed the_yen [JPYUSD=_1.0262__-0.0049 (-0.48%)_]sharply higher amid caution ahead of the U.S. government's monthly jobs report.Japan's_Nikkei [_.N225-JP_12765.05__-138.97 (-1.08%)_]_index continued sliding below the 13,000 mark to skid 1.5 percent, officially entering bear market territory. The index is set to be Asia's biggest laggard for the week, with weekly losses exceeding 6 percent.

    Don't think for a second that this market can't drop 20%+ because it sure can....
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    You've been talking the same crap for what 10 yrs? If you had gone long on every dip you'd be a billionaire.Look at today. Finally after 7 months a very small breakdown and bamm its snatched away in minutes and the following bears crushed.Just not worth it to ever short. The wins are so rare and few over the last 25 yrs why screw with it
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    Tomorrow job numbers come out....

    A bad number or really good number and markets will most likely move higher....

    Bad number and the fed will continue with QE 3,4,5,6 and 7

    Good number and fed will pump the markets with more WE 3,4,5,6 and 7

    Put your rally hats on for tomorrow ....
  4. The market can drop over 20%. In fact that would put us around the DOW 12000 range, which a slowing down of the economy could easily result in. However, without any data or technical indicators to drive it down, I doubt it’d fall 20% just for no reason whatsoever… At least not within a matter of a couple of weeks or so.
  5. the market is falling only because i went long again after a 3 year break
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    The reason , there could be 1 million reasons we cant see, smell touch or hear until after the fact...peace
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    Nikkei down huge again tonight.

    Wish the US markets traded like the Nikkei ...for some reason I think volatility is going to get a bit extreme soon but seeing a 3000 point sell off in a few weeks isn't quite possible with BUBBLE ben bernanke ready and able to throw QE 4,5, and 6 at the market....

    But it would be interesting to feel some extreme volatility ...3-5% moves
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    What does it matter to you, considering you have obviously no exposure to the market at all.
  9. Buy this instead.
  10. With the recent volatility and throw in some bad data the last thing the fed is going to do is hint at tapering. Nothing changed between a month ago and now except for slightly higher yields. Bernanke always gives that vague equivocating statements to congress and public, but his mind is made up long ago. The fed is not reading the newspapers or blogs for policy advice. lol
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