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    by Andy Borowitz

    In what insiders described as a heated, occasionally testy Oval Office
    meeting, President George W. Bush today pressed Federal Reserve Board
    chairman Ben Bernanke for a one percent increase in his approval rating.

    With the president's approval rating sinking below 30 percent for the first
    time in his presidency to an all-time low of 29 percent, Mr. Bush felt that
    urgent action needed to be taken to boost his sagging statistic.

    For that reason, he took the extraordinary step of pulling Mr. Bernanke out of
    a Fed meeting on inflation and summoning him to the White House to demand
    that his approval rating be hiked by 100 basis points, or one percent.

    While presidents in the past have leaned on the nation's central banker to
    move interest rates up or down, Mr. Bush's action is believed to be the first
    time that a Fed chief has been called upon to manipulate a president's
    approval rating.
  2. Ha ha.

    W has a ton of 25K and 50K CDs spread out over every bank under the sun as I recall from his ethics filings. He's doing great recently - as are many savers. Not sure the dollars you get for the interest are good for much these days though.
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    so this passes as humor around here ....

    blah ...
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    Go take a nap, grumpy.