From Barrons: letters to the editor - Tea Party wins..

Discussion in 'Economics' started by syswizard, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. This was one of the letters in the Oct 4th edition:
    "Six liberal, lying, cheating scum are gone, due to the Tea Party, and the replacements going to Washington aren't going to be playing politics as usual. The Tea Party will reduce government."

    Exactly who are the six mentioned in that statement ?
    I can think of one: Mike Castle from Delaware
  2. bennet and murkowski for a couple more and crist of florida and rand won down there n kentucky
  3. Castle and Murkowski were conservatives. It proves that that letter to the editor was genuine, tea party too stupid to realize the ones thrown out weren't liberal at all. And their lives will be worse off with coporate socialist Ayn Rand Paul in Kentucky.