From a Newbie - Finding a Mentor

Discussion in 'Trading' started by discguy, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. discguy


    I have been browsing and learning what I can from the ET forums. I have particularly been reading all the advice for newbies.

    I saw that in a particular thread (to a newbie with 5000 to start trading) that some ET members said he should find a good mentor.

    I am in a similar boat to that newbie. I have 5000 to start with and I would like to trade the e-minis. I have a strategy that looks like it has potential for modest returns. But how do I go about finding a mentor to help me get started and answer my 1001 questions?

    I live in the Provo, UT area (if any of the ET members are local) or maybe in this high tech world locale doesn't matter.

    I have two Masters degrees (one in Math , one in Stats) so I actually like the technical stuff.

    Thanks in advance for your help.