FRO-Anyone Trading It?

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  1. Any thoughts, comments? Other than it's weak, lol.
  2. I expect it not to penetrate the trendline downward for the time being. However anything can happen.
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  3. NoDoji


    I have always like FRO and in fact held it through thick and thin for many years in IRA accounts. Sold it at $70 this year, near the top, and am considering buying it again, once the market finds something resembling a shred of rationality. It pays a great dividend, too.
  4. NoDoji


    Perhaps Warren Buffet will buy Wall Street. I heard it's available at a bargain price. :eek:
  5. Thank's Publix.
  6. Great dividend is an understatement but I'm sure it'll be getting cut. Ain't no lunch as free as this one....
  7. AAA30


    Keep you eye on Ship Finance, trades on the NYSE. When that starts to bottom then consider FRO. Also watch the new builds it is very posible the market will be over supplied for some time. If you go to the websites of some of these companies they provide some good market update information, FRO also does alot of spot charters so keep your eyes on those rates and the break evens.
  8. Thank's kindly.
  9. kxvid


    If you buy today you can get the $3 per share dividend on the 19th of this month.
  10. Are you sure? There was a dividend payment on the 19th of last month and FRO has only been paying quarterly.
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