FRNT - is about to B/O of a bullish pennant

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gary_McLaughlin, Jul 3, 2003.

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  1. Go to my profile to find the link.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on Frontier!

    How would you have described the consolidation pattern that formed ~ the first two weeks of May?
  3. It's very close to a massive inverted head and shoulders (1-yr chart). There would be two left shouders if you exclude the low that formed in August. You can do that because it was formed at a higher high.

    Actually, I just referred to this as a general level of resistance at $8, which spanned 10-mos. Bought the break out just over $8, on massive volume and rode it to almost $10. It looks ready to move again.
  4. be careful with longs today.
  5. FRNT rallying on solid volume today
  6. FRNT is now rallying on massive volume
  7. kernan


    Good call on FRNT, but protect your profits as it rallied into the 200 WEEK Moving Average today. Expect some chop around this area before a clear direction is established.

    Best of luck - and enjoying your posts.

  8. thx for the heads up Kernan
  9. Consolidate your threads would ya.

Thread Status:
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