Frist calls for surrendering to the Taliban

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    This is not "cut and run," folks. This is outright surrendering. The French would be proud of Frist!
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  3. Of course disagree. Can't you read?!!!

    Taliban is who's responsible for 9/11. There is no way that we should allow them back into the government. The current situation is created because Bush had to pull troops out of Afghanistan and into Iraq. The only correct way to solve this problem is to pull out of Iraq and move troops back into Afghanistan.

    Here is another reason why the occupation of Iraq is wrong!
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    Ok. Now you're clear!:)
  5. Frist had a quick retraction:
    Yeah, right. Cannot win militarily, will never negotiate. Sounds like surrendering is the only option left.

    Seriously, how did we lose the hearts and minds of the Afghan people?
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    We were trying to interfere with their most profitable crop, poppy....
  7. Your first post made it seem like you reject the idea of surrendering because it would mean surrendering. I've noticed that a lot of guys on the right seem to feel the same way ('Cut and Run').
    lol... I see.

    They're already 'back in government', man.
    Oh, I see... he had to...
    and what would that accomplish? Are you seriously suggesting that the best thing the US can do to wage a war on terror is to move all its troops from Iraq to Afghanistan? If this is what you are saying, you have no idea where the real threats lie.

    It's too bad that so many high powered U.S. military personnel are now coming forward and saying what was running through their minds at the time the Iraq mission was being deployed. Rumsfeld is coming in for a lot of criticism. They're lining up now to point out that the last thing they expected was the degree of sectarian violence that they have seen. They thought that the Iraqis would respond in a way that we would predict they would, given our Western mindset.

    Rumsfeld says that his heroes were all guys whose decisions were ridiculed at the time they were made. He understands what it means to 'stay the course'... for better or for worse.