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  1. Hi guys,

    I just realized all my friends are pretty much into the same things - cars, girls, drugs.

    I mean I think about it were all in our early 20s and mid 20s, and honestly none of them have any ambition. Theres a saying in my culture ' Jassi Sangat vaasi Rangat ' - means ' You are the person who you hang around with'. Basically you become the people you associate with, so my question to all the smart folks out there.

    How did you break through from your regular clique, and meet people who you learned from and gained valuable experience outside of work/school from?

  2. Give up the drugs and you'll soon find who your friends really are. Once clean and sober you'll be forced into more meaningful conversation which will result in a more meaningful life.
    The girls and the cars we're stuck with. It's part of the male genetic code. :D
  3. #1. Are you expat Indian/Paki living in the US or England?

    With that said, you learn from the people you hang out with.

    Stanley's "Millionaire Next Door" gives a Ben Franklinesque view of what makes you you. Here are the three big choices:
    #1. Your Location
    #2. Your Vocation
    #3. Your choice of Spouse

    May I suggest that #1 is related to your friends, as you are hanging out with people in your "location."

    As a young man, I was exposed to some truly, truly wildly successful people. I was also exposed to some very unsuccessful people. I was invited into all these people's homes and lives, and saw some of their families do well, others fall apart - the whole gamut.

    The main thing I got from these experiences was that #1) it takes a lot of luck, and doesn't hurt to be born into wealth; and #2) your life really comes down to a series of good decisions, so that you have the means and position to take advantage of when #1 happens to you or your children.

    For example, becoming the victim of a violent crime can probably ruin your upward mobility. How to avoid that? Live in a decent, higher-priced area where criminals tend not to have access to. As we both know, drugs and criminals go hand in hand, as in most settings, drug dealing is criminal.

    With that said, how does your current lifestyle weigh? Are you making good decisions?