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    "FDR are familiar initials in US politics. They used to describe an often-re-elected president (Roosevelt) who occasionally showed some concern for the poor and unemployed in his country. Now the initials stand for the Friends of Donald Rumsfeld, something very different. If you are an FDR today you look forward with great glee to a US victory in Iraq. "

    Jobs for the FDR boys

    It would seem that Paul Foot has a point, as the Halliburton share price indicates.


    Betchel has just won a $34 million contract in Iraq which could spiral into hundreds of millions. At least two current Bechtel executives have ties to the Bush administration. Senior Vice President Jack Sheehan sits on the Defense Policy Board formed to advise Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who himself once lobbied for a Bechtel project.

    Leaving aside the politics of this and looking at it just from a trading angle, it would seem that it might make sense to investigate which companies have contacts with Rummy, and buy a few shares in them.
  2. It may have some technical buy indicators, but it depends which chart you look at. This stock used to trade in the 40's not so long ago and only closed 1.50 above its January high.

  3. I've had some professional dealings with Bechtel in the past. They're HUGE. I wanted to invest, but I was told they were a private company, one of the world's largest private companies. I asked why, and the guy said "So they're not accountable to anyone and don't have to share their profits."

    Last I heard of them, they were trying to privatize the water supply of third world nations and sell it back to the people marked up 400%. I'm not kidding.
  4. Heard? From who?
  5. an employee (my contact in the firm), but a simple Google search will give you a few leads. But like I said, the guy said they're privately owned. Otherwise, I would have got in years ago. Corruption is the future, get in while you can.
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    Water privatization is incredibly profitable. In 1990 I bought shares in Thames Water which was created by Maggie Thatcher as part of the privatization of UK water. Its one of the best investments I've ever made.
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    Past present and future. The REAL suitability issue for widows and orphans. Basic Series 7 stuff.


    Now the real question is inside information coming out of a non public company like Bechtel a violation if used to position yourself in companies with which they do business?

    Selling back their own natural resources to third world countries...why did I not think of this? This is two missed opportunities for me this week I have been made aware of here on ET. Reading about the guy that got a 1.5mm tax refund was painful too. Another golden chance passed me by and was ruined for us all by a guy that was inept. Having a plan is one thing. but executing it is what really counts. What a schmuck! Had the money in the bank!!!


    Me, I gotta go back to work tomorrow :mad:
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    On this theme, one company that might be interesting is L-3 Communications.

    Jay Garner, the new governor of Iraq, was an executive and probably stills owns shares or options.

    It is "a merchant supplier of secure communications and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems, training, simulation and support services, aviation products and aircraft modernization"

    Iraq could do with some of those no doubt...

    Its got a p/e of 17.
  9. It would be a little late...