Friends is back

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. NBC is putting on the 10th series of Friends.. hooray.. each of the 6 stars are getting $1million an episode (22 big ones a season)...
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    I don't get it. I've only seen this show once all the way through. The other times I haven't been able to sit through that drivel.

    I must not have a clue :confused:
  3. I too seem to not have a clue but I don't consider it drivel, really? Here's my question though. With all the talk and conversation now about trying to become a more diverse and understanding peoples, how many minority cast members are there? Some would argue that deep inside you are what you watch/enjoy. If you look around the tube, there are many top TV shows that seem to have a solidly white American cast. Am I wrong?

    An associate of mine also notes that most of these shows exhibit at least one adult with an almost childlike understanding of many things in at least one of the characters. Remember, this is the picture of MOST (in the minds of foreigners) white Americans that is syndicated around the world. For many foreigners this is the only image of Americans that they can draw on daily. What you might take as innocent humor, could they be interpreting as the understood norm? Just a question aloud. :)
  4. i've never watched that show once
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    love it:)
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    Maybe we are now going to watch all the Friends mature and grow old?
    I just wish they would not whine so much:D

    I miss Seinfeld:(

  7. only your typical average moron watches this show. i have better things to do (i wouldn't watch this nonsense even if i had nothing else to do)
  8. You calling me a typical average moron, eh?

    Well, if you knew what I have achieved in my life, you would conclude that I am no moron...

    So stop making such blanket statements... its the blanket statements which are indeed moronic...

    Happy Xmas... Hallelujah!
  9. {shrug} maybe you've achieved this "greatness" despite you know what..:)
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