friends/family in the military going away

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  1. pretty much my best friend left today. he's a military police. he said he could be gone up to 2 years. i'm gonna miss the bastard. he's my #1 drinking buddy. we went out last night and i've been throwing up all morning. :D anyone else know someone going away? :(
  2. If I was still in Italy I would have gone to Saudi.... but my time in Italy was up, so now I'm in Phoenix doing absolutely nothing. We have so much time off... it's awesome. Gives me more time to do what I love :D

    So GG... which branch is your friend in? When I was in Italy the cops were on 14-16 hour shifts... crazy. I've heard of lots of cops doing things to get kicked out. Imagine standing in front of a gate for 14+ hours a day checking i'd's. Some of them have actually walked in front of moving cars to get run overed intentionally. There's a lot of beef between the cops and the people in my job. I find it immature how we all fight with each other, especially between the different branches. We're all on the same team, and I don't see why we don't get along. I always hooked up the cops cos they're in a shitty situation. I always enjoyed b.s'in with them... most of the good lookin girls are cops, so yea :)

    Yea I know some people that have been deployed to certain areas. It's part of the job... hope your friend gets back safe.

  3. I'm not too good with military terms. By branch do you mean Army/Air Force/Navy? If so, he's in the Army. He's been in the Army for years and his time was almost up. I think he said he was supposed to have been done this past December, but somehow he got extended or something. He also asked his girlfriend to marry him before he left. heh
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    I sympathize with you GG, but consider this: one of my best friends was murdered by some christian extremists in Ambon last year.
    The irony is: he was a christian himself but not willing to support his radical neighbors who planned to retaliate against some other radicals who had burned a church.
    Ah well, you temporarily lost your drinking buddy, how sad!
  5. hey don't forget about the coast guard... lol. I guess they're part of the military too. Yes, that's what I meant by branch.

    Yea my time is near too... March 2004. Just a bit over a year... it'll be piece a cake. Unless they have the "stop-loss" on me. That's what happened to your friend. Because of our situation, certain jobs are not allowed to be released from the military. Unfortunately my job usually falls into that category.

    Hmm... Army cop huh? Hmm.. dunno how dangerous that can get. I'm pretty sure if you're infantry you're pretty fucked.