Friends and Foes: R U with USa or Against USa

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  1. In this difficult time, America should remember the friends from the foes. Where is Europe? Singapore/Arabs/Sovereignfunds have shown that they are with us in the USA.

    Where are the other who just profited from America's might and wealth? It is passed time to show in deed whether you are friends.

    A friend in need is a friend in deed! The only friends we have seen are those who gave from their money to help america go back on its feet. They are singapore and the arabs. The others, where are you? America: remember your friends, and remember that a friend in need is the ONLY friend indeed!
  2. That is a misquote. It's a friend with weed is a friend indeed?:D
  3. Depends... are you talking "old" Europe or "new" europe - remember Rumsfeld's rant?

    The arrogance of this administration squandered our goodwill. But let's grow up here - this is about money. Every man and nation for itself. You only help those that you can profit from or rely on. And even then, there is a price you don't go above.
  4. LOL, with oil at $111 a barrel if they are friends (I am talking about the arabs of course) who needs enemies.

    And btw - they don't give us money, they invest in our companies or buy them outright. It's business - nothing personal, certainly nothing to be grateful for, they do what they believe is in their best interests.
  5. They're probably doing a whip around in Baghdad right now, grateful as they are for all that free'm and democracy.
  6. Your point: "this is about money". That is exactly my point. America has given live, blood and money construct europe and to defend other nations. In a time of crisis, they did not even give loans. Only people who help you in time of crisis are your real friends (singapore and the arabs are real friends). The rest so far are just profiteers. America should write this down. And what have America been doing: waging war on arabs on Iraq. No one should attack their friends, they should rather protect them.
  7. And tell me where the others giving cash to save the financial insitutions? Money is a real measure of friendship. Europe and all others did not show up so far, except to lean on America to take profits and security for free. They should step in the plate now.This is a real moment of truth.

    PS: arabs do not set Oil price, the market does! Look back on 90s and the market gave Oil a cheap price and the arabs could not do a thing. You are wrong about your enemity towards the arabs. I view them as friends of america. I look at their deeds not as what others say about them.
  8. I think they are p*ssed because US banks sold them subprime loan derivatives.

  9. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority will invest $7.5 billion in Citigroup

    What part of "invest" not give cash don't you understand. They buy stakes in american companies, this is no charity or act of friendship, they invest the proceeds of their $110 a barrel of oil loot.
  10. Everybody wants the US to get back on its feet because it's their biggest customer and buyer. But it seems the US just keeps on screwing up.
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