Friends and family giving you shit about trading..

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  1. I swear, my friend's and family's financial IQ is zero. They keep saying...

    "Why do you want to trade? It's too risky. Why don't you do like me and work your way up in the company, get your benefits, invest in your company's 401K, and get a pension? Do you think you're too good to be like everyone else?"

    So I bring up the fact that you get out of life what you think you're entitled to. So then they claim that I think I'm better than them.

    Sometimes I just want to move to another country and be by myself. It seems that there has to be a core of anger to success because the more angry I get the better I do.

    Anyone else know what I'm talking about or am I just suffering from low test levels?

  2. Um yea you should bring this up with your therapist. What you're describing isn't healthy.
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    Smile and ignore them. Better yet, move away. Surround yourself with positive individuals. And keep trading.
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    Perseverance in the face of adversity and doubt is the ultimate test of character. Suck it up and create your own path through life, otherwise you will be regretting it on your death bed.

    Good luck.
  5. I just treat comments like "trading is too risky" with a grain of salt.
  6. I've just gone live 3 weeks ago and need ease into letting the family know slowly. I first suggested that I was thinking about trading full time to a family member she said I was crazy. Too risky... gonna loose everything and be out on the street. The problem is most people don't understand trading.

    Side Bar:

    First week up
    Second week up
    Third week gave back all profit.

    Still learning. I'm concentrating on learning to trade breakouts of early range patterns. :)
  7. I don't even know what's financially ethically right. What SHOULD anyone do? SHOULD I just hand over my 80% taxes (income, property, sales, inflation) to the system and work as a W-2 employee. (I have to get a 'j.o.b.' as per a recent arrest on drug charges, so says my pretrial intervention program)

    blah blah blah.. Going thru all this shit just really does a number on me. yeah, I made some bad decisions but damn, it's even harder when my network of people have no true ambition. I'm so glad I found this place. At least I have this place.

    Going through this really does make me respect anyone with a good deal of wealth. Even if it was inherited, it still takes a certain degree of intelligence, integrity, and persistance to keep it and build it.

    I don't know if there's really any direction to what I'm saying.

    Thank god for Elitetrader.. Seriously. This place means a lot to me. There are some damn good men on here who have done more for me than my own father.
  8. "Your friends are shit.
    You're gunna tell them you made twenty-five grand last month and they're not going to believe you.
    Fuck them! Fuck em!
    Your parents don't like the life you lead?
    Fuck you Mom and Dad!
    See how it feels when you're making their fucking Lexus payments!"
  9. My wife's family always gave me shit about trading. They couldn't understand why I wasn't getting a job working for "the man" and climbing the corporate ladder like everyone else. Starting my own business and/or trading has always been my dream and I went to great lengths to accomplish it. My critics just made me work that much harder. Anger you say? Oh Yeah, I was plenty angry and that is one of the reasons for my success.

    Now I sit here trading the ES and listening to Pink Floyd in a pair of boxers. Chase your dream and tune the rest out!!

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