Friday's vote of confidence

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  1. Picked up some JPM after the referendum heart attack sent the prices lower, and I'm getting a nice little pop out of it. Question I'm wondering is, what do you guys think about Papandreou's vote of confidence coming up this Friday? We're off to a nice little gap this morning and I'm trying to consider if I should just cut the profits today in case everything goes sour tomorrow. If he loses the vote I'm curious how the markets will react because it will mean a shakeup in Greek government, but will also almost assure the referendum won't happen and the bailout will continue as planned. On the flip side if he wins the confidence vote the Dec 2 date will probably still be on, but it also seems like a lot of gossip is coming out that the referendum won't happen period.
  2. gotta love you guys who post at the opening of the market... ! let's count our chickens before they hatch. why do you feel the need to do that - inexperience? is JPM higher still? best of luck
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    I don't have extra money right now to trade, I don't trade for a living, and my time horizon is longer than a day.
  4. Inexperience, but I managed to sell and lock in my profits early :p
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    That too haha.
  6. good discipline ! congrat

    why not look to re-enter ??

    I have traded GS options 4xs in first 60 minutes - not to crazy a market that you decided to get involved in....