Friday's trades, so what are you buying this morning?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RenkoTrades, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. News out and I am buying 6E this morning at 1.2296

    What are you buying?
  2. Anyone buying the indexes on the news pullback?
  3. That was fast, I took half at 1.2337. I will try for 1.2358 and 1.2379 for last outs.
  4. lwlee


    Stock indexes have broken through channel. Looks like we are going lower. DAX was particularly weak.
  5. Back in for second pullback with buying at 1.2294.
  6. Right, this is looking ugly in the indexes. Cash session should be a bunch of fun, LOL.
  7. lwlee


    For today, I'm looking to short any up moves on the TF.
  8. PT's out at 1.2234 for new buys and 1.2257's out, so 1.2279's is last out for me if we trade higher.

    I will wait for indexes once the cash session is open to see if I have signals.
  9. Depends*
  10. Just wow, now that was a Euro rally! :eek: Last PT's out at 1.2379 and Euro runs to 1.2462 :D
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