Fridays lottery a record half a billion dollars

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    Odds of winning are 176 million to one. Lump sum cash option is 341 million. So if you want to guarantee a double of your money, just buy every combination and you have an easy $165 million.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    And what if someone else or multiple someone elses also win?
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  4. 2 stories from Colorado....

    1. Somebody bought EVERY possible combination.. and what you said happened... more than one winner.

    2. With the Colo. Lotto at a then record of $18 million... the prize was split 10 WAYS! The winning numbers were the 4-corners of the quick-pick grid + 2 numbers in the middle.

    Aside... with the jackpot to be $1/2 Billion, I think I'll double my chances this time... gonna buy TWO!
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    I always said that it would be better served if they made multiple millionaires, in this case hundreds, rather than one filthy son-of-a-bitch.

    Think about it. Over 400 people could be rewarded with a guaranteed million dollars. A million dollar is still life-changing money to the majority of Americans.

    One guy having over $400 million is a joke. Even $50 million is more money than most Americans will ever need.
  6. 400 people can get a guaranteed million...if 400 people just pick the right numbers. :p
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    Socialism for lotteries now too? Interesting concept. Why not just give all 300 million Americans $1.50. LOL. Then we all win!
  8. That's a concept Odumbo would endorse...
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    Tsing Tao

    I'd buy a ticket, but Florida doesn't sell Powerball.
  10. Whoever wins will will go broke in 10 years with negative equity.

    Majority of Americans are Financially stupid, Thats why most Americans struggle financially even with decent paying jobs.
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