Friday's action

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  1. Disturbing.
  2. JayS


    & profitable.
  3. Chas,

    Disturbing in what way (to you)? I saw Friday as a return to the continued selling, after a couple of days of bottom picking and/or short covering.

    On Thursday, the QQQ rose, then sold off. That weakness should have predicted Friday's downslide.

    Your thoughts?

  4. agreed. I even made a morning note (to self) to the effect that a reversal was likely. It just seems like more of a down thrust than I'd expected. The chart looks like death.

    A guy in Barron's using the "C" word. TrimTabs makes a joke about JPM or C 'bust[ing] the financial system.' Hits on corporations' large put positions. Weapons grade uranium found...

    Maybe I should be faded...
  5. I went short at 854 ES and was shaken out for only a 1 point gain when it came back. Then re-shorted at the same price but was skittish and only scalped the way down ,waiting for shorts to take some profit after lunch . All in all only made 5 points but half profits went to commish. The market always seems to teach me a lesson when I need the money most.
  6. i believe it. trend days are full of shakeouts.
  7. Funds couldn't hold it up next to last day of quarter, not good. Nice shakeout for a move higher though. Who can doanything but trade this market. 2 days is now long term.
  8. Whasssup with the odd lot short selling lately holmes?

    MACD_addy :cool:
  9. I will supply the facts that be relevant on the morrow, good sir.
  10. the G7 meeting this weekend is uneventful

    in 1987 the monday crash was right after such a meeting?

    I will keep my eye on the futures overnight and the
    spot FX quotes just in case ...

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