friday US equity action

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  1. last few sessions up on light volume. in keeping with the knowledge that i'm a novice here, i would think there would be a sell-off/profit taking.

  2. obviously you were not alone thinking that. What happened at 10 am?
    New Home sales? wtf

    anything goes in this market, I told you there is no point in shorting
  3. fundamentals no longer apply.....

    this is not your father's stock market anymore......
  4. technical analysis no longer applies...

    this not your father's stock market anymore

  5. look at the Dax, Nikkei I have never seen this

  6. Nikkie and dax are different stories. US markets are so sensitive. They do not interfere in somebody's else business. Being as a World Police we will punish Iraq even if they do not have WMD and we will punish Iran too if they do not follow our rules and regulation. PERIOD.
  7. overall market volume volume is over rated as an indicator. some days not long ago we had siri trading 10% of the naz volume. things like that skew it.
  8. dac8555


    i thought the same thing... went to cash in QQQQ and SPY when i had been long the past week....missed a point and a half....grrrr.

    not to mention economic growth 1/2 the projected amount.

    also hesitated on going long OIH with the news about palestine yesterday.

    maybe we should just ignore news and stay mechanical!
  9. Watch yourself Mister, back in Korea we had a saying for guys like you. We'd say that we would leave you where we found you. One more post like that and I'll put you on my Rv Investment Club's watchlist. The last guy who got on the Silver Trading Cruisers list ended up as the hood ornament of a Winnebego Chieftain. There's your WMD, Winnebego of Mass Destruction.

    ...Rennick out
  10. I'm looking at issues I track that are moving on low volume - not the indicies.

    Again, I'm a novice here, but if a stock gets bid up, that's great, but if you're holding it, that's all you are doing - it means nothing until you cash it out for profit.

    Who knows if I'M right, but if things go up on light volume and decent support is put in, to me, that is a great time to sell. I don't see retractment until support is formed somewhere - then I think we will start seeling an increase in selling volume.
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