Friday the 13th

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  1. Where are all the stats guys with % gains and losses on this day? Personally I think its a bunch of hoodoo voodoo. But I am curious.

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    Not to do with Friday the 13th, but the Trader's Almanc says,

    "Either go short, or stay away the day before Presidents' Day"

    (bottom of page 20)
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    where could i get a copy of the traders almanac???
  4. interesting...thanks
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    That would have been nice to know about 50 minutes ago. :mad:
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  7. mostly ... last yr was up but prior 11 yrs down on this day

    before the holiday weekend
  8. 12 out of 13 times, the day before the President's Weekend is a downer!

  9. Friday the 13th is only bad if a black cat crossed your path on your way to work. Harry will certainly back this up with scratching together some authorative scientific looking evidence.


  10. Maybe this will help for day AFTER Presidents' Day...

    Notation in Almanac for Tuesday says ... "First trading day of Expiration Week Dow up 10 straight. Day after Presidents' Day Dow up 7 of last 10".

    As always, FWIW ....
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