Friday March 6th...

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big up day???

  1. yes

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  1. big up day???
  2. this gonna be chit chatted soon

    But the odds favor a rally. It is rare that the market sellsoff on jobs data because most of the time is it either not as bad as expected and or bad numbers priced in.
  3. tardes


    I am going to put my neck out and say drop tomorrow, at least up to a certain level Dow 6400 and S&P 650.

    After that rally up to 1000 points.
  4. this is what i am thinking as well... numbers arent going to be as bad as theyre expecting and then ~2% up day...
  5. I tend to agree, Sir.
    BUT if we are wrong and tomorrow will be an up-day like yesterday - this is going to be very-very scary looking towards next week.
  6. tardes


    My strategy: Short with small margin and long with huge margins

    If I lose on the short I will recover my losses on the long. If short works, i will make money on both.
  7. Personally I would prefer to have ugly data in the morning and a gap-down opening. Not because I'm short but because this will give me HUGE reason to go long including 2 gaps in a row :)
  8. We have yet to see total Choas and capitulation. Until we see the true END OF THE WORLD PANIC and the TRUE THROW IN THE TOWEL......Market is gona be what it is....BEAR TRAP for most.
  9. tardes


    You are right, but are we not already seeing capitulation? professional shorters who think the market is too low and want out and futures traders expecting an eminent rally.

    If the market falls to 6400, that will be a drop of 5% and that will in my opinion qualify as capitulation.
  10. 669 SPX and then a major rally.
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