Friday - DEAD DAY

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  1. I know the Dow is well up today (it's now 12:30est), but as for being tradeable - it is DEAD. Daytraders are getting killed today.
    I'm standing aside.
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    On dead days, you follow stocks that are trending and not following the mkts but as far as trading indexes...yeah sit out for now....
  3. When in doubt, stay the heck out.

    We've taken 4 trades on the day so far. They've all been profitable but small winners. +5 +11 +10 and +6 on the Dow E-Mini.

    I will probably stay out the rest of the day. Options Expiration day is normally like this.

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    I think you should put 3 more Links to PURESCHTICK in your signature, 3 is not enough.

  5. Good idea!
  6. Gotta agree. Taken only 8 trades, one of which was 1/4 position as trial balloon.

    If it wasn't an option expire day, I'd use this day as a warmup for summer. :eek:
  7. gotta agree, I only took 17 trades today on the YM , just small winners, +4, +8,+2,+5,+7,+6,+9,+2,+4,+11,+12,+2,+3,+3,+1,+6, is that 17? I lost count.
  8. 17 trades ?? I'd have to see it to believe it !?!?!?!
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    if you saw his trades you'd still be in disbelief.. its the et way
  10. Think about it. . . if he did what he said he did . . . . that would be an 85% ROI . . . IN ONE DAY ! ! . . .. a dead day at that. Impossible ! ! !
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