Friday: Bang! Zoom! To the moon Alice.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dgabriel, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Friday = buyday.... for normal Monday nothing bad happened over the weekend free money no risk gap up...$$

    unless of course..

    this time is different
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  2. I do not think the economic picture is all that great into end of year purely on the effect of energy prices.

    Maybe theres the idea that a rising stock market will increase consumer spending even with $3 gas???
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  3. its all st squeezes just buy weakness, its not that difficult.
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  4. Babak


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  5. babak, its one day. i dont make one day or 2 minute calls. that is not how i trade, nor how i decide to buy or sell stocks.

    Good scalping mkt isnt it?

    Keep the momo alive!
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  6. selling on a friday??

    why would the market ever sell on a Friday????

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  7. thats what sucks about this site. all these scalpers thinking they are market wizards, esp. when they make a little cash.
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  8. SPX retraced .618 of yesterday's rally 30 minutes into today's session and rallied.

    Love the Fibonacci's!
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