Friday B4 Memorial Day 3day weekend=Yawn or WOW!

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  1. Friday B4 Memorial Day 3day weekend=Yawn or WOW! tomorrow as boring as 'snail mail' or does it MOVE?...please note your specific market of interest/focus...
  2. I'm looking at throwing some contracts at...

    CAD future
    SF future
    YM mini-dow
  3. charts


    don't ask don't tell ... :) WOW!
  4. GTS


  5. Most likely will be extremely boring.
  6. Japan & China brought their markets down some. India was more dramatic; they sold off, then rallied. All 'n all, India raised their markets. I say US markets are going to be uneventful.
  7. Stock Traders alamanac:

    "Lackluster and light trading"


    D 52.4

    S 61.9

    N 71.4
  8. Today is definitely not a yawn.

    All zombies report to duty from being dead.

    Changing of the Guard at 2:05 pm EDT double bottom low....

    It is a "WOW" from me... so much for Friday light, the day before a long weekend...
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    TOMORROW ???? Have you lost your mind? (Don't answer that, I already know the answer.)
  10. WOW? i thought we entered WW3 when the afternoon dump started
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