Friday at Mosk, Saturday at Syna, Sunday at Church... Monday at the CANAL !

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  1. Yeah I hope that for the well being of our dear Market Paticipants we need to plan NOW to seize the canal of suez. We don't want to have problem with our oil position ( and other goods ).

    So has the Fleet is grey, let's wait for the week-end celebration... BUT on monday, before the floors open ( so in the night sunday ) let's take the control of it all.

    We can't trust anything coming from Egypt right now. In particularly anything that was in the same bed as the bastard...

    Furthermore it's critical for the ennemies of Israel to understand that you don't randsoom peace. I am outraged by the fact that we had to pay for peace... WTF ! let's blow these bastards... So Suez will be the first free city of Egypt !

    And it will completly derail all entreprise by the suckers of this regime to play time...

    And it's a great opportunity !!!

    ( we can even make a alliance to get some chineses soldiers on board... and declare the canal an international aera... ).

    The logic of the market... unbreakeable rationnally :D ^^
  2. LoL I was so wrong !!!

    Correction :

    thursday : Parties in China :D
    friday : No Mosk, only a street :D
    saturday : No Syna, watching the Flame of Liberty from the southern border :D
    sunday : No Church SUPER BALL !!!
    monday : lol :D better to draw a line... :D