Friday 13th, 9:11 am....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by William Rennick, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. I got a bad feeling, I've had it all night, tossing and turning. The towel wrappers are going to do something to nuke plants, damns, CDC center and Sears tower. Truck bombs and maybe suit case nukes for NYC and DC. They are short the markets ahead of it....

    The Oracle out:(
  2. Mvic


    This isn't alt.stupid.paranoid.dreams on usenet. Why post garbage like that here? It won't change a thing, no one will trade off your feeling (you and Chertoff should get together and share your feelings LOL)

    Apart from the fact that none of us want another terrorist event you had better hope you are wrong. If you are right the Feds will be all over your ass for posting that. The dream explanaition probably won't fly with them and you might be shipped off to be "interviewed" by some CIA sub in Pakistan or Egypt or wherever these guys work from.

    Risk reward is no one gains anything from your post and you stand to lose a whole lot if you are right. Dumb/Bad trade Rennick.
  3. As 9 am approaches I am pulling back to the secure trading bunker deep inside Rennick manor. It is there that I will monitor developments on three TV's tuned to the big 3 networks.

    Orson Rennick Welles out:eek:
  4. Buy1Sell2


    Always keep a stop in place.
  5. It wouldn't be the first time I've been in that situation, name,rank and serial number is all those bastards will get. I won't let em know that you guys were in on it.

    John Wayne Rennick Mccain out:cool:

    ps. mvic might be right... if something does go boom at 9:11 if the mod would kindly and quickly delete the thread I'd appreciate it.
  6. 3 min to go, it will probably take at least 5 minutes before it shows in the futures, 10 min. till the networks interupt broadcasting.
  7. Mvic


    I'm afraid it will be an all day affair for you Rennick as there is always 9:11PM to worry about. Hope you have some DVds in that bunker of yours :)
  8. Thanks for the head up John Wayne. I am ready.

    O mighty warrior of great fighting stock
    Might I enquire to ask, eh, what's up doc??
    I'm going to kill the rabbit!!
    Oh mighty hunter t'will be quite a task
    How will you do it, might I enquire to ask??
    I will do it with my spear and magic helmet!
    Your spear and magic helmet?
    Spear & magic helmet!
    Magic helmet?
    Magic helmet!
    Magic helmet
    Yes, magic helmet and I'll give you a sample

    (That was the rabbit)

    The wiseacre opera from Bugs Bunny.
  9. no,no it's in the A.M. I am noticing a spike in chatter in the upper bands of radio transmissions. something is up.

    Developing hard...

  10. Will you stop this, you maniac? You've got me scanning all the news sites.
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