French vs American women

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  1. True.
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    You want to another difference. Over 90% of them smoke. You want another difference. Over 90% of them are bitches. Still more? OK, most of them don't shave and some don't even shower all that frequently. I think I stick with the American Women. At least we have gyms here.
  3. Boy......ya know I really hate to have to do this for fear of being called an 'attention whore', but I think in this case its justified.... and I need to defend my fellow country women so here goes....
    that's 100% American...;-)
  4. Probably got the pictures reversed - woman on the right, any of the throng of very large German/Italian/etc. women -- one on the left, one of the thousands of (usually thong bikini clad) babes strolling or rollerblading along Venice Beach or South Beach or damn near any California/Texas/Arizona/Florida university or ...

    Also, since there wasn't a veritable afro springing out from her armpits, the woman on the left must NOT be French

    :) :) :)
  5. Like the song says, " I wish they ALL could be CALIFORNIA . . . gurrrrls!

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    Cool site.....
  7. Thanks...;-)
  8. Stupid or mental huh? Let me drive a corvette? And as for the Boxster comment....problems? Please, if a guy considers me to be a problem, well..... I believe it is he, who is mental...puhlease.

    And anyway, who was talking about the average women?
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