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    It looks like it's loosely based on Jerome Kerviel.
  2. Zut alors!
  3. Is that Michael Madsen or Tom Sizemore? :cool:
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    Looks entertaining.

    from imdb:

    "The only thing better than Oliver Stone making a movie about Wall Street is having a French dude make a film about trading and casting a very unlikely character to fill the shoes of the bad guy.

    In truth, the story for Fabrice Genestal’s Krach feels a tad out of date (though considering the current state of the world economy not exactly out of touch) as though it’s a left over from the late 80s/early 90s but it has one thing none of its predecessors had going for it: Michael Madsen. Yes, Madsen as a big wig on the trading floor of a bank, facing off against the dude he fired for losing truckloads of money. Can you imagine it? I sure as hell can’t but thankfully I don’t have to because the trailer features lots of Madsen at his office job."

    from jdoasis:
    "The French have a whimsical knack for unintentional humor that never ceases to amaze me. And you guys are going to want to sit down for this one. On September 1, the movie Krach (which can only be pronounced "crotch" by anglophones) is going to light the trading world on fire - at least in France. I've posted the trailer after the jump, and even if you don't speak French there's more than enough English in it to get the gist of the movie.

    This movie looks hilarious, though it isn't meant to. It features a dashing young French trader (cast more like James Bond than a true quant Poindexter) besting his evil American nemesis (an old, bloated, almost-simian Michael Madsen), who fired him for losing a bundle when the kid worked for him.

    It is French angst and revisionist cinema at its finest. Presumably modeled after Jerome Kerviel, the French have made him a financial superhero instead of the $3,000 a month GeekSquad employee that he is in real life. The character outwits, outmaneuvers, and outsexes his furiously incompetent American counterpart. And he manages to do it without blaming his superiors and inventing imaginary friends. Mais oui!

    Sadly, as lame and contrived as it looks, it will still probably be better than Shia LaDouche's turn in Wall Street 2. Enjoy:"
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    It's the second time in the year Gilles Lellouche is playing a trader. First time was in "Ma part du gateau" from Cedric Klapisch.It creates a parallel between a trader who shut factories for his pleasure and earn big money clicking a mouse, and a girl who lost her job in one of the factories and ends up cleaning his apartment for 1/1000 th of what he makes per day( no comment...).Beware of any french trading movies. They are just ultra liberal, anti capitalist with a political agenda. Most anglosaxons can't watch it.

    Gilles Lellouche is a good actor though. His character in "Ma Part du Gateau" is so cliché it was actually fun. And Michael Madsen as a head trader...Brilliant. I will sure go see this movie just for him.:)
  7. here's some jokes for those french socialists...

    how many gears does a french tank have?
    5. 4 are reverse and 1 forward in case the enemy attacks from the rear.

    why are the guns so big in france?
    so they don't break when the soldiers drop them.:D
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    In fact, this movie went out in September 2010? I have never heard of it...:confused:
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    Watched this movie recently, and almost forgot it as recently :p

    As Tradator wrote , beware of anything french when it comes to market view... embrace free market publicly in France and you will be lynched by critics. It isn't a disaster of a movie though, but the depiction of trader going through peers' heaven than crashing world markets in 24hours is more than a bit caricatural.
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    There is another movie, french I think, vaguely inspired by Stern murder in Switzerland, starring Michael Madsen as a wealthy businessman getting killed during sado masochist games which starts in France and ends in Hong Kong and it's quite good btw. Forgot the name but Google is your friend.
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