French Revolution in America?

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  1. Might there be parallels today?

    Of course, it would have to get much worse first, but the conditions and direction we are headed seem like they lend themselves to possible simalarities.

    Also, isn't it ironic, that the current Fed Chair, a proclaimed student and authority on and of the great depression, and presumably the most able and gifted among us to preside, and prevent the US from sliding down that slippery slope, may in fact face the very conditions they so desperately wish to avert.

    Too many straws on this camels' back to point to any single cause...take yer pick, but it seems applicable to say that the oil-squeeze on US consumers and biz has had a greater detrimental impact than was previously acknowledged, particualrly when coupled with other factors.

    The Bush legacy is not going to be pretty.
  2. Bastille Day?
  3. I just saw a great blowout sale on Ebay of 1,000 french rifles......"never been fired, only dropped once!" :eek:

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  4. "Joe Six-Pack" is anesthetized by free circuses (TV) and bread(Welfare) to the point of apathy.
  5. While you're at it, check out the French tanks for sale... "one forward gear, 5 reverse".
  6. Thats f-ed up, but hilarious :D

  7. Possibly.....

    When the ATMs .......

    no longer work......

  8. Not ironic only planned. Bernanke studied the Great Depression so he could create another one, more finely tuned to benefit the elite.

    But isn't watching NASCAR and baseball just way too important to concern yourself with other things great Americans?
  9. Yes......."plan the trade, trade the plan".......LOL!!!!! :eek:

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