French Curves - next best thing after FishNet ?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by agrau, May 1, 2004.

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    I found the thing below on Jim's Sinclair's site at and wonder if he's serious about this. It's posted on Dec, 1st - not April, 1st !


    The belonging article is named "Rangold Analysis Using French Curve" and is in the archive; the URL is too long to be posted here.

    Now, is this serious?
  2. I usually just use the top of JJ Walker's hat as an "overbought" line.
  3. agrau


    cool, good humour, man! - is this copyrighted or may I try this as well :p
  4. Ebo


    That's great!
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    Love the picture--best antidote to French curve or other newfangled stuff....
  6. I thought everyone knew about the French Curve method, but simply failed to mention it in conversation. Why state the obvious?

    Rumor has it that the French actually use the Jerry Lewis curve.

  7. He's got so many lines on the paper he's bound to hit something. Just throw in about a dozen of the most popular Fib levels and it'll be foolproof.
  8. French curves - or lookalikes - were described in "The profit magic of stock transaction timing" by J M Hurst in 1970. Unfortunately there was not enough computing power at the time to mechanize Hurst's work, numerous attempts have been made but none are known to be succesful.