French/British To Propose No Fly Zone For Libya?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Mar 7, 2011.

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    British, French and U.S. officials were working on a draft text that includes language on a no-fly zone, diplomatic sources at the United Nations told CNN.

    I wonder how many planes the British and French are going to contribute to enforcing a no fly zone in Libya? Do the French even have a viable air force or any pilots with enough guts to fly a combat mission?

    Once again, they expect it to be 99% U.S. involvement and 100% U.S. taxpayer expense. Then, in a few months, what ever happens in Libya is going to be all America's fault and everyone will expect us to fix it and rebuild the country on our dime.

    Other than possibly some absolutely unavoidable covert ops and persuasion AFTER the civil war, we need to be very very very careful about any involvement in Libya or any other country in a civil war.
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    The british cannot be trusted with such a task. They've already exhibited their predilection for selling out in order to receive oil deals. The brits must sit this one out.
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    They've already botched a commando mission in Libya to free some of their people.
  4. The best way to deal with Libya is to nuke those parts without oil and use our military to take control of oil-rich areas.
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  6. You mean, the American friends who bombed Tripoli and MISSED Gaddafi, many moons ago, killing his adopted daughter instead?

    Of course everyone is looking at a no fly zone-they're just not going to do it, hoping the rebellion will succeed without to much bad press from looking like international thugs.
    Ironic, given what Gaddafi is.
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    F-111s from England were picked. Bad choice.

    The french would not allow overflight, the crews were fatigued from the long route around France.

    Yeah, they basically missed but I thought the message was rather clear so far as the Colonel was concerned. :D

  8. Clear message yeah.......why were F-111's (aka, the pig) a bad choice? They were among the best long range strategic bombers around, still are -Australia is insanely phasing them out without a replacement-not even a JSF on the horizon, it's nuts.

    I guess the Italians wouldn't have been on board with the idea, for sensitive political reasons........(proximity) maybe a Sopwith camel and poisoned Salami may have worked, who knows.

    Lets face it, if they were serious, they could have gotten rid of Gaddafi a long time ago. And, maybe, should have.

  9. Don't even make me think about the 2 Trillion we'd have to give them to rebuild.
  10. 85% of all Libyan oil exports go to the EU and they still can't do anything for themselves.
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