French And German Reliability

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Perugino, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. Perugino


    The French and German nations have been consistent - that we must applaud. They have consistently opposed what they see as an "anglo saxon" domination of the world and try to enforce their hegemony on the rest of the world in their own way.
    Having spent my whole life considering the sacrifices made by the previous generation for the sake of the liberal consensus which allows such debate, I am now pleased that the French/German position is exposed.
    The liberty we enjoy did not fall out of the sky.
    Europe is now split- well it was never exactly together- but now what is to be done?

    Isolate France and Germany economicaly-
    strengthen ties between fellow anglo saxon countries.

    Congratulations Mr Bush and Mr Blair on a fine job so far
    Lets make this a grounding for a post -cold war world.
  2. Yup, these fine men must be commended for their fine leadership... God Bless Bush 'n Blair... lets punish the evil French and German scum...
  3. roe


    I fully, whole-heartedly and unreservedly agree with you: the German and French scum has to be isolated at all and any cost from those shining beacons of respect for the human race: Messrs Berlusconi, Aznar, and oh did I forget their Turkish and other Anglosaxon compatriotes?

    Which reminds me of an old joke: what does a WASP's wife do to her asshole after breakfast? Answer: she sends him to work (in the white house?)
  4. Yeah, let´s divide the world !
    But make sure that the world´s oil resources will be US property. :D

  5. Don't worry... it'll be under our control, dude... we'll put a bunch of new leaders in who'll take orders from us :D
  6. roe


    did you really mean new leaders or did you rather intend to say news leaders?

    There is one particularly abominable one on CNN: that Australian "Sheila" by the name of Catherine (or so) Church. I mean she might qualify as a news leader...