Fremont Neb. vs. ACLU over Immigration

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wallet, Jul 27, 2010.

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    The ACLU is the most chickenshit outfit. They like to attack school boards and towns that don't have the $ to put up a fight. They attack with cases that they know they cannot win but they get their way anyhow... people on the left are all similar in that they are ruthless in their acquisition of power and weak kneed in the face of evil...
  3. The Left IS "the face of evil"... few Americans can see it, however. :( :(
  4. would love to see an analysis of all the cases they have taken on, categorized carefully as either left or right supportive. Perhaps 80-90% left most likely?

    Maybe they are the American CryBabies Leftist Union :D