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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by chaos, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. chaos


    hi all,

    i'm a trading software newbie and want figure out the best way to test my sysytem ideas on historical end-of-day data.

    as i see it, i need to:

    a) get my hands on a program that will allow me this. (i want to be able to tell it to monitor end-of-day prices, and then buy and sell when certain price events occur. for instance, i might want to tell it to buy if the closing price rises three days in a row and, at the same time, put in place a stop loss at x amount below the pruchase price.)

    b) get accurate data to research my ideas (my primary interest is in currencies)

    and i don't want to pay anything for it! actually, i'm willing to pay if i have to, but i'm hoping there are freeware programs out there that will do the trick.

    any suggestions or help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    it's a mad mad mad mad trading world
  2. prox


    Wealth lab has a trial .. might be able to do currencies.
  3. cheeks


    very inexpensive for what you get.

    I just wish someone one come out with a code that made any sense to me. I am a trader, not a programmer.:confused:
  4. Monsoon


    i hear ya.
  5. Monsoon


    are you trading futures?
    if so has ascii data for end of day for almost all commods
  6. chaos


    Hi, thanks for the replies. I'll check out wealthlab and amibroker.

    I notice there are quite a few off-the-shelf automatic trading solutions for equities, but this area doesn't seem to be as well developed for forex traders.

    i wonder if that's because the demand isn't there? or does it have something to do with the way the spot forex market works?
  7. chaos


    are you trading futures?
    if so has ascii data for end of day for almost all commods

    thanks monsoon - however, i'm trading spot forex. appreciate your reply, though.
  8. Shankar


    Monsoon, thanks for the very good link I checked the site. Do they have historical data too?
  9. Monsoon


    they might.. but i know they keep the ascii data on the current contracts .. get them with the button below the charts...