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  1. Now spending trillions is "acceptable" in his book.

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    i think that even if it Plummets to $333 Billion it still means that every 3 years we will pile up another trillion of debt.
    bush is the biggest spender in the history of america. he has never said no to any spending. he is a failure in that area.
    i regret to say i voted for him but what choice did we have.
  2. Well, I think we have learned from the past that wasting money on foolish unfounded and unfunded wars is stupid.
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    Apparently not, we're still in Afghanistan years after we should have left.
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    Pee Drinker is just another spinning head on the left. He thinks not wants not.
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    Yeah, the War on Poverty is an abject failure. We've been in it six times as long as Afghanistan. The War on Drugs is a real shitpile of ineffectiveness as well. Drugs are cheaper and easier to get than when it started.
  6. He lives in a fantasy world. 13,000 posts (does he have a life?) but he never manages to string together anything that resembles intelligent discourse. It's always reactionary stuff about religion (major "daddy" issues), the rich not being taxed enough, etc.

    He claims to live in a 5,000 sq ft house in some exclusive mountaintop resort area. However, he appears to hate white people, calling anyone he disagrees with "redneck," "white trash," "angry white man," etc. It's hard to imagine him fitting in well in a 99% white community in Colorado or Montana or wherever.

    Odds are that he's supported by the entitlement system he defends so ardently...and has never even skied a bunny slope.
  7. Agree, especially with the war on drugs. Taxpayers covering the cops who all pay taxes, fighting those who take their cash and pay the drug cartels. Pretty stupid IMO. I would rather help, not support forever, but help Americans via WorkFare than waste the money overseas. And, yes, we need to get the hell out of Afghanistan.

  8. I'm pretty sure he once said he lives in South Dakota(which doesnt get much whiter) I don't remember him saying he lived in a 5,000 sq ft house, but its possible...SD is pretty cheap to live. You can get a 3,000 sq ft house for 89k in the city.

    Go further out and you cant get a 7k sq ft house for $250k.

    So he might actually be telling the truth about living in a big house if he said that.

    As much as he likes to spread the lies of others, I don't believe I have ever heard him lie about himself.
  9. The bottom line is that it's the internet and we don't know. I can claim to live in a $15 million mansion on a private island...who's to say I'm lying? However, if I constantly whine about the rich not paying enough taxes and appear about as literate as a modern day 8th'd have plenty of reasons to question my claims.

    Perhaps he's a trust fund baby or he won some ridiculous frivolous lawsuit...who knows. But his claims about wealth plus being self-sufficient don't add up in my book.