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    warning : Bad English follows... :D

    I have a couple of friends who recently got interested in trading, but they are not ready to pay a full service for their data feed, since I told them they need a few months of screentime/paper trading to even consider placing a trade.
    So I suggested them to use, it offers intraday data for US market and even though the realtime feed comes from BATS (which accounts for about 12% of market volume) it's pretty darn good used with High volume stocks (Nasdaq 100 for ex) and you barely miss any print even with 1 min time frame.

    So I sent 'em their merry way and told'em to be back in a few months :D

    But after a few weeks one of these ingrate mofos calls me and say: Is there any way to open FSC outside a browser because blah blah blah yada yada...

    And here we get to the point: I used good ol' VB6 and embedded Internet Browser obj. inside a window, and hardcoded FSC url, so when you launch it opens always I also added a couple of nice features like hide/unhide FSC toolbar, hide/unhide the main window Titlebar , to maximize screen estate usage.

    Unfortunately there's a big bug in this little thing, Ads aren't visible anymore, I can't figure out what I did wrong, I think we'll have to live with that till ...

    As a gesture of appreciation I asked my friend to make a little screen capture explaining how it works

    Since it uses the version of IE installed on your PC we noticed a little difference in the way the embedded browser was positioned , so I made 2 ver. , 1 for IE 6 and one for IE 7, I can't guarantee how it looks on your PC or if it even runs but you might want to give it a try even if you use a different IE version (prolly won't work in W7..who knows)

    zip file containing 2 EXEs:

    In case you need to install Silverlight for IE you can just run my app, and download it from there when requested by FSC or download it from the link below:

    So remember this is basically just a monothematic browser that can run multiple instances of the same website, the website is still there, nothing was stolen :cool:

    P.s there's not malicious code of any kind inside, use a sniffer and see it just calls FSC site, use your antivirus, use Sandbox. Be smart and don't use it on your trading machine unless you know what you are doing.

    If it doesn't work , sorry but you are on your own, I'm not a pro and it's freaking

    I use it everyday as a back up of my back up, and it's pretty cool
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    I just realized I uploaded ver. for IE7 without code for hiding the mini toolbar on the bottom-left, whoops

    Sorry, here upgraded version...first upgrade and it's still free, that's customer care for you :D
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    How did you make 4 charts show up in FSC?
  4. does this work well?
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    Don't thank me all at once guys please.... :D J/K
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    this is awesome! I am on a work pc on vista w/ ie 8 & both exe's run great. Thank for your work
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    you are welcome
    glad to hear it works with IE8 and Vista
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    OUTSTANDING!!!! I love freestockcharts that much more now! Thanks Mark!:)
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    V.2 Release note:
    -Invisible Ads..still invisible...darn bug :D
    -Now it SHOULD be Internet Explorer version independent (one good for all)
    -With some resolution it looked wrong, problem should have been fixed.
    -Now it starts with FSC Toolbar visible and a bigger window
    -Now you can resize it and FSC Toolbar won't hide by itself in case you wanted always visible
    -Replaced + & - buttons with a more intuitive checkbox (checked visible, unchecked invisible )


    It doesn't install anything, no registry touched, no temp files..abs. nada!
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    You are outstanding!!!!!!!! Your Birthday should be a National Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :)
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