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  1. hello traders

    any of you have thoughts on this high-volatility stock and ways to play?

    i am impressed by this stock being, more or less, all over the place

    i'm tempted to make a trade, but i feel i am already being taken over by emotions, ready to get carried away . .. yet i want to be in control, that's key . . . i want to know i control freeport-mcmoran, or at least whatever position i may take in that financial instrument, not vice-versa

    i really need to find that comfort zone here

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    Instead of going long on FCX and exposing yourself to a large risk, why not make a pairs trade out of it? I would pair FCX with PCU, you will have to be $ neutral; both companies are in the same field thus your exposure is limited and you still can take advantage of any upside.
  3. my system works well with this stock. one of the best stocks for me.
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  4. RobtF


    And what is the nature of your system?
  5. A trend following system.
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    LOL. Now that's really helpful to the OP.
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    Where's the edge in that? You'd at least want an OB/OS correlation toward the outside of their normal comparative relative strength range and you need to know which is OB and OS. You can't just plop on a pair at any time and expect it to work.
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    Have you considered two Xanax and a mesmerizing screen saver?

  9. Okay . . .. What next? . . .. . Are we supposed to feel tempted to buy your system or are you just trying to sound mysterious?
    Just kidding :D

    Great equity curve BTW !
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    An Aug Bull Credit spread looks good to me. Strikes 41 and 38 or 40 and 38.
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