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    Every American needs to see the movie Freedom to Fascism. Go to to learn more about it.The bottom line is that the American people have been sold a bill of goods about our country and our system of government
  2. I've just viewed this fantastic film.

    "Freedom To Fascism" is a project of Aaron Russo, producer of the classic Eddie Murphy film, "Trading Places".

    If all patriotic Americans were to just sit down and watch "Freedom to Fascism" for free at this link, we might have a chance at restoring this nation to the great free society that America's founding fathers had fought so hard to give us.
  3. the tax arguments against the 16th ammendment seem questionable to me, but the creation of the fed was clearly against the best interests of the american ppl

    the good news is we'll probably see the end of the federal reserve in our lifetimes, maybe much sooner than later
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    Is this incorrect, then?

    From Wikipedia

    On February 25, 1913, the Republican Secretary of State Philander Knox proclaimed that the 16th Amendment had been ratified by the necessary three-quarters of the states ensuring the constitutionality of unapportioned federal income taxes.

    The amendment was ratified by 42 states in all: Alabama on August 10, 1909, Kentucky on February 8, 1910, South Carolina on February 19, Illinois on March 1, Mississippi on March 7, Oklahoma on March 10, Maryland on April 8, Georgia on August 3, Texas on August 16, Ohio on January 19, 1911, Idaho on January 20, Oregon on January 23, Washington on January 26, Indiana and Montana on January 30, California and Nevada on January 31, South Dakota on February 3, Nebraska on February 9, North Carolina on February 11, Colorado on February 15, North Dakota on February 17, Kansas on February 18, Michigan on February 23, Iowa on February 24, Missouri on March 16, Maine on March 31, Tennessee on April 7, Arkansas on April 22, Wisconsin on May 26, New York on July 12, Arizona on April 6, 1912, Minnesota on June 11, Louisiana on June 28, West Virginia on January 31, 1913, New Mexico on February 3 (the 36th state to ratify), Delaware and Wyoming on February 3, New Jersey on February 4, Vermont on February 19, Massachusetts on March 4, and New Hampshire on March 7. Arizona and New Hampshire ratified after an earlier rejection. Ratification was rejected by Rhode Island on April 29, 1910, Utah on March 9, 1911 Connecticut on June 28, 1911, and Florida on May 31, 1913. Virginia and Pennsylvania failed to complete action on the amendment.[8]
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    Yikes. Thanks for the clip, very good timing. Now those are some great Americans!

    I kind of expected Hilter-Bush comparisons, or more 911 nonsense, but this was far from that. (I'm not suggesting Bush hasn't abused his powers, either). Nice cameo by Reagan, he lowered the top tax rate from 76%, SEVENTY-FRICKING-SIX PERCENT. Elvis, paid 90%.

    ...and 50% of the country votes for politicians who promise to raise taxes. Not suprisingly, its typically those being apportioned those taxes dollars who advocate for higher ones.
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    Yikes, indeed. I do not claim to be qualified to discuss all the implications of this film, but after the extremely interesting part on tax laws, these were not original themes. Most every science fiction movie or book deals with them in one way or another(perhaps not to such dramatic effect). You don't need a computer program to cheat an election, just ask JFK. Although, being a programmer, I do agree it is insanity to use them to count election returns.

    Einstein called for a world government.

    "Einstein's passionate commitment to the cause of global peace led him to support the creation of a single, unified world government. "

    It's no secret, the technological cat is out of the bag:
    "Privacy is an illusion", Larry Ellison. CEO, Oracle.

    As for the bankers... Isn't this a common theme through-out all human history, I'm fairly ignorant on the subject.

    He didn't even touch on genetic engineerign, which in my opinion dwarfs ever other threat to our humanity. Genetic Engineering + Universal Healthcare ===> your worst science fiction nightmare. You can fight tyranny at any time, recapturing your humanity after it's been lost in a petri dish is another thing.

    That's why I dream primarily of rum, deserted islands and straw huts and hopefully will someday soon be sitting in one.

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