Freedom of Religion gets the axe

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  1. If Atheism is a religion, it seems strange to think that ZZzz thinks himself qualified to comment on it. Afterall, he goes to pains to explain to us how non-Christians couldn't possibly understand Christian beliefs, and non-Muslims couldn't possibly understand Muslim beliefs. We might ask ZZzz just how a non-atheist can possibly think he can understand the atheist religion? Surely this would be impossible for a "failed atheist" like ZZzz?
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  2. The courts have ruled on atheism's status as a religion, so even a infant like you could understand that.

    As far as understanding how someone could constantly deny the existence of God, you are right, I don't understand that....

    I don't understand the practices of atheists from personal experience, nor do I care to, but just as someone can see the color blue, I can easily understand what the atheist do.

    I practice faith, they practice faith, so there is a common experience in the practice and application of faith. I have faith in God, they have faith in non God.

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  3. stu


    ZZzz seems to consider not holding a belief is itself holding a belief. So to have a lack of something, is to actually have something.
    Those who do not hold belief in Wicca, by ZZzz logik, are a-Wicca-ists. They can't simply have no cause or reason to hold a belief in Wicca, they must also have belief... in a-Wiccaism!

    One of the many difficulties with ZZzz logikz is it makes ZZzz an atheist too. As Wicca is considered a religion (as is Islam & Christianity), those who believe in any or either are theists. So were he not to hold belief in any or either, means he must be a practicing atheist.

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  4. Right, stu.
    It's kind of like believing in Gilbert, no?

    PS: only joking.
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  5. ZZzz seems to consider not holding a belief is itself holding a belief.

    The moment someone understands a concept, a decision of the intellect and mind instantly follows.

    Either to accept that concept as true, to reject that concept as false, or to admit that there is insufficient data to determine the truth or falsity of that concept.

    Theist believes the concept of God is true.

    Atheist believes the concept of God is false.

    The Agnostic cannot determine the truth or falsity of God, or they cannot intellectually form a concept of God in which to determine truth or falsity of God.

    Agnosticism is therefore not a religion, as there is no positive or negative belief at all, belief is non active. The mind of an Agnostic is fully open either way to God or non God. Only the Agnostic has a lack of something, a lack of belief....where the Theist and the Athiest actively pracitce faith in their beliefs.


    You claim that I am an Atheist?


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  6. If you say so. Ignoring or dismissing what I believe to be a false concept hardly seems to me to be a form of "practice." AT least, that is my own loose interpretation. "Practice," to me, suggests something a bit more proactive and, perhaps but not necessarily, ceremonial. Perhaps we are just mincing words. And on that note, if the courts have indeed ruled atheism as a religion as you have stated, then I think they desperately need to consult the dictionary of their choice (Webster, Oxford or whatever). Again, just my opinion.
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  7. Turok


    Who's the idiot here???? You can't keep your point straight...

    First you say that GG's upset because "satanism is at risk". Now, when I say that you missed his point completely and that actually his point likely has nothing to do with any particular religion being at risk, but rather it's a point about the consistent application of a principle, you say NOW that THAT is your point.

    Well, which is it? - because the two points are nothing like each other.


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  8. Turok


    Praise be.


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  9. Of course Zz...,

    This is a nice theoretical way of putting things. Practically, agnosticism can pass for many things. As an example, have a look at what gets posted in a masonic forum about agnosticism. Quite revealing.

    Be good,
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  10. Ignoring with intent to ignore is a practice, as is dismissing something. These mental activities take some effort of the mind. It is done with intent, with purpose, with direction and forethought.

    Consistently doing something with intent is a my opinion of course.


    You are doubting the courts have given Atheism the same legal status as a religion, and therefore see it in the same light legally?

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