Freedom go to Hell!

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    Here's a few of the peace loving mooselimbs expressing their opinion of a little thing us racists like to call freedom:

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    Link is



    a word meaning something that arrives in a metal box delivered to every home by the government

  2. islam will dominate the world. just based on birth rates alone eventually islam becomes dominate.
    the only hope is that somehow all religion is educated out of the minds of men.
  3. The OP seems to be trying to distract attention from events in recent news such as:

    1. The UN endorses the fact finding mission report that establishes that zionists have indeed committed war crimes in Palestine, and possibly crimes against humanity.

    2. FBI caught a guy (by the name of David Nozette?) for espionage for Israel.

    3. Zionist Maddoff committed unprecedented frauds against americans, and sent money to Israel.

    4. Rabbis in new jersey/ new york arrested by FBI for organ trafficking.

    5. Fugitive and zionist Polanski arrested for crimes again a little girl 13 years old.


    Long list.
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    Our immoderator is also trying to shake the racist label he's been given with something akin to reductio ad ridiculum.
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    We're all racists, all of us that ever make a Libtard think..

    Definition of Racist: a person that wins an argument with a Liberal...

    Jessee Jackemup and minions like Obama sue private sector employers so that Blacks have to stay on the reservation and accept welfare [or overcome the ghetto and get a degree and work for the public sector]... no private sector employer in their right mind is going to hire a Black worker, the risk of ruin by lawsuit is way too high... then when we talk about policing all the ghetto monsters these Leftist actions have produced [welfare doesn't pay that much, they subsidize their income by crime, and the best criminal is a psychopath] they then call us racists... isn't that a neat package of pure shit instead of a Christmas present or what?

    People that are that ruthless in acquisition of power need to be... ehh, fed to Moslems for torture maybe? Maybe put through a wood chipper like Saddam Hussein did to people... if he was merciful he put them in head first so they would die quicker.. otherwise they went feet first...
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    False. Assuming the rest supports that assertion, it's not worth reading.
  7. Here is a video that goes with your picture Gregg. I think the video is better because obviously it adds context to that image.

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  8. I'm going to go out on a limb....

    "Freedom" as understood by these guys holding signs is most likely associated with what the US Air Force delivers daily by means of missile strikes.
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    Quote from feenisrizin:

    Your "knowledge" of their thinkings, feelings and beliefs implies a rather interesting and disturbing kinship ... but no matter ... let's at least give the Air Force due credit for their efforts in helping these ... these ... these ... this branch of the animal kingdom ... in its lust for martyrdom.
  10. They kill schoolgirls don't they?


    Taliban Poison 61 Afghan Schoolgirls

    From a forgiving Associated Press:

    Fears of Mass Poisoning of Afghan Schoolgirls

    Monday, May 11

    CHARIKAR, Afghanistan — Doctors were investigating whether dozens of students were poisoned at a high school in northern Afghanistan on Monday after 61 girls went to the hospital complaining of sudden illness, officials said.

    Dr. Khalil Farangi said the 61 students and one teacher from Hora Jalaly high school in Parwan province northwest of Kabul complained of symptoms like irritability, weeping and confusion. Several girls also passed out.

    The mass hospitalization comes about two weeks after a similar incident in Parwan, where dozens of girls were hospitalized after being sickened by what Afghan officials said were strong fumes or a possible poison gas cloud.

    The Taliban and other conservative extremist groups in Afghanistan oppose education for girls, who were not allowed to attend school under the 1996-2001 Taliban regime. Though it was unclear if Monday’s incident was the result of an attack, militants in the south have previously assaulted schoolgirls by spraying acid in their faces and burned down schools as a protest against the government. Scores of Afghan schools have been forced to close because of violence.

    Officials on Monday sent blood samples to Kabul and to the main U.S. military base in Bagram to test whether some form of poison was to blame, said Farangi, the director of Charikar’s hospital.

    Provincial Gov. Abdul Basir Salangi said officials said an investigation is under way.

    A number of students interviewed at the hospital by The Associated Press complained of a strong sweet smell, which gave them headaches and made some girls wobbly before they passed out.

    "There was a very strong smell, like flowers in the hallway. I fell down and woke up in the hospital," said the 18-year-old Zahera, who like many Afghan goes by one name. She lay in a ward full of girls, many of them two to a bed, wearing the typical Afghan school uniform of black robe and white headscarf…

    Notice how careful the AP is to not directly accuse the Taliban. (Contrast this with how they regularly report alleged US attacks on ‘civilians.’)

    And never mind that the Taliban has, as the article notes, used poison and acid and other such niceties against local schoolgirls many times before.

    But should this report turn out to be true, the ‘human rights’ groups and especially NOW will be unstoppable in their denunciations of the Taliban.

    Of course we are kidding.

    The Taliban are their allies, through thick and thin.

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