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  1. Crystallizes everything wrong in the world ..

    A. Yes
    B. No

    regardless of the outcome, this dude is one stupid fucking son-of-a-bitch
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    Oh, is that all. I thought you were going to tell us he got hit by a bus.

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    Well, there is this huge lie that just because someone is an atheist and a far left winger that somehow they have a superior intelligence than the rest of us mere mortals.

    Pee Drinker, Gabfly, TradingJournals, are dolts. Seriously. Cretins.

    They cannot frame an arguement or build a case in terms of logical progression - they only thing they know how to do is throw bombs. Not an original thought occurs in their craniums - they cut and paste out of far left wing anarchist websites and just because they are atheists - well, in their minds that just proves they are smarter than the rest they suppose.
  5. Excuse me, while I go to this person's profile and view his body of work.... lol
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  7. I remember FT and his acolytes high five-ing each other earlier this year and implying that Hopey was responsible for the market doubling in less than two years. Of course, he knew he was full of shit as it was all the work of Bubble Ben and his insane crusade to save the banks at all costs...but these guys are just as infested as the hard-core Bush apologists who only jumped ship after about 7 years of incompetence.
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    Lame thread. You don't like his atheist argument, ok. Please show me proof of a creator. Even though I suspect there is "more going on" than meets the eye here in our (known) universe, I do still have a scientific side.
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    Look around you. Given the complexity of the billions of different life forms on earth, the probabilities of all this being here, are simply far too narrow to be a random outcome following big bang.

    dont get me wrong, science isn't 'wrong' and im not one of these nutters who thinks the world is only 10,000 years old and there were no dinosaurs etc.

    thats the whole point of faith. it is exactly that - faith. belief without necessary 'hard scientific evidence'. the evidence is in fact there in its absence - as the hard science cant give an explanation.

    this simple fact is too much for free thinker and his butt head theories.

    take darwins idea of evolution. we can trace the development of 100's of species back to the sea. but humans? nope. there is no proof we came from apes. given all the evidence we have on every other species, you would have thought we would have traced our beginnings back right? there is still that 'missing link'. on that subject, many people think evolution is a gradual process, like a spider used to have 6 legs and then grew the other 2 gradually over millions of years. thats not how it happens. the extra pair of legs (eg) come about suddenly as a mutation which allows the spider to be more successful etc blah blah blah. what insipers that mutation to suddenly come about?

    im not saying God is an explanation for everything we cant explain ourselves yet, because there is plenty we do understand, but cant figure out how to recreate ourselves - like life itself.
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    Don't fall for Rictor's Red Herring.

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