FREE X_Trader and eSignal Charting

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  1. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures


    FREE X_Trader (Trading Technologies)
    FREE eSignal Charting

    Advanced Futures is offering the leading Futures platform used
    By the major Institutions and Hedge Funds.(Value $650 monthly)

    Advanced Futures is offering eSignal Futures Charting (Value $150 monthly)

    *This package is for traders who do a minimum of 60 Round Turns Daily or
    1200 monthly

    *The commission is $4.50 Total Per Round Turn including all Exchange
    and NFA Fees
  2. Thanks for stepping up and adding some value to the consumer.

    I like cheaper commission, I like better technology in trading interfaces and I hate paying for data and charting .....

    Hmmm ... Let's see -- you are beating most of the competition on a $4.50 round trip (no platform) and giving us Xtrader and eSignal for free (nothing, nada, bupkiss).

    But I got some questions ....

    How long does this last once one becomes an Advantage client ?
    How long are we able to sign up for this offer?
    What is the penalty of falling short of 1200 per month, and is this averaged or do you look at each month separately?

  3. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    The offer is good as long as the 1200 round turns are traded per month.

    If one month, the 1200 round turns are not traded, you would be charged for the X_Trader
    And eSignal.

    You may trade with the same rate and free X_Trader and eSignal at the $4.50 round turn pricing
    For as long as you have your account with Advanced Futures.
  4. Fantastic Deal. This is the best deal on the street by far to trade futures! I'll PM you to discuss
  5. java5555


    I think if you do the math, FfastTrade is still a better deal...$550 for the platform, $3.32 a RT. Great platform, great support.

    $4.50 (Advanced Futures)-3.32 (FfastTrade)=$1.18 /RT

    $1.18 X 1200= $1460 for the price of the platform
  6. Your comment and your first post indicate you rush for
    everything, Is it how you trade aslo?

    FFast trade charges much less than this:
    Cme-eminis for 1.60 pluse 550$ paltform fee.
    Now calculate how much you can save with
    with 1200 RT, even you pay platform fee.

    Esignal package including exchange will not cost
    you more than 200$ or market center for 100$.

    Advancefuture was way too expensive before. Still i think
    velocity future also might be better.
  7. java5555


    Sorry, forgot the data

    Esignal approx. $129.00/ Month. Still means platform costs $1331 a month.
  8. Pres


    I use the .J-Trader, are you offering any promotions to high volume customers?:)
  9. Boomer


    i have been studying the eminis, and am now just starting to look for a platform. could someone give me some prices they pay for their platform. in know someone mentioned fasttrade's is 550. i guess i never thought about the platform fee, since so much emphasis is on the commish. thanks for anyones help.
  10. FFasttrade might be even lower when CME and CBOT
    are going to reduce their exchange fees (effective Jan 01, 2004).
    #10     Oct 22, 2003