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  1. Number 3 this year I think. Mid trading day, 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern.

    We're doing a workshop for our own traders to cover the new OPG program we've offered. If you guys want to join in, send me an email to:

    Covering opg's, new users, and historical big guns alike. Please join us. Q & A about anything as well.

  2. Just bringing this up, as I like to keep ET up on all the Free stuff. I have a few of you added to my email list for our webinar on Thursday, 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern.

    I have both new and experienced traders covering various aspects of trading the Openings, and will demonstrate our latest software to make this work easier.

    General questions and answers of course.

    Send email with "webinar" in subject line to:

    Good stuff,

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    Someone began talking in my ear just as you answered the question I posted during the session about whether or not your opening strategy had returned to mirroring historical results. Could you pls. recap your answer briefly?
  5. Sure, as noted by Dennis and others on the webinar, working very well this year. I think many have stopped doing it, or at least stopped doing it correctly. Back to high positive expectations.

    Don (feel free to call to discuss 702.739.1393).