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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I'm having another free workshop on March 14th, right after the market closes.

    Myself (yippee, I know, LOL), with my long time friend Ben Lichtenstein ( CNBC, etc.) will be joining us. My brother and I can't trade without Ben's squawk box and insights.

    Also, Dennis from - will be giving us the latest on HFT and how we work trading with and against it.

    45 mins to an hour, should be fun.

    Send email to: with "workshop" in the subject line and I'll send you the login info.

    We don't sell emails or any of that kind of thing.

    Hope to see you then, more soon...whenever I can get a webpage up. Send those emails.

  2. Good response already. The room holds 100, so if you're think you want to join in, email when you can please.

    Don :)
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    Old hat- its like listeneting to bart from the t- note- no need for a squawk now
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    Latency is to slow-I got a line from the EUREX server which is 14 ms ping data- direct to the equinix server data centre in frankfurt- whats your ping times?
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    ps-why is it "it free"? No such thing as a free lunch- is this a sales technique? Call me an old cynic- not an "ARTHUR DALEY" ARE U?

  6. Don has more than earned his credit and reputation on these boards as someone who's helpful, informative, and passionate about trading.

    The guy sends business to his competitors, should they be a better fit for someone asking his advice, over trying to burn everyone just to get a bit more revenue. I respect that a lot.
  7. Thanks for that, always appreciated.

    Many don't quite understand why we like Ben's squawk box.... it really has very little to do with the numbers...although very helpful, the who and the why really helps. As I've mentioned before, my brother and I can't really trade without gives the last "duck" in the row when pushing those buttons.

    In any event, thanks for the emails, keep them coming so I have an idea how many I want to make room for.

    LOL, spent the weekend in Laughlin with the family. Got barred "from all table games" (even craps, can you believe that, barreed from playing craps?) at Tropicana and Aquarius....20 minutes first place, 30 minutes at the second place. Played a few hours at the Colorado Belle, did pretty well.... so I hope I'm invited back there.

    All the best,

  8. OK, reminder. We will be sending out the webinar login instructions today for tomorrow's workshop. If anyone else, who hasn't already sent email, wants to join in...send email with "workshop" in subject line to me: