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    I had this sent to me from my Broker. thought you guys would like to take a look,

    Berkeley Futures Ltd invite you to attend a free webinar in conjunction with CBOT® - an opportunity to expand your trading knowledge, learn new skills and improve trading returns.

    Live event: Wednesday May 3rd 6pm GMT

    Click here to Register.

    This online web-based seminar, or webinar will be presented by Stefan Froehlich, Specialist and Trading Coach at IQ Trader.

    ‘New Horizons Using Cascading Technical Studies’

    One of the biggest challenges for a trader is how to turn the huge amount of daily information into a successful trade. Stefan will present a new simple and efficient way of doing it using cascading technical studies.

    About the Speaker

    Stefan Froehlich started watching the markets 19 years ago. In 1993 he began to study the technical side of trading, eventually designing his own trading models on the way to becoming a successful trader. He did extensive research on different software tools, becoming an expert on how to use technical software efficiently. Today, Stefan is a well known speaker and one of the most knowledgeable users of the IQ-Trader Software.

    Berkeley Futures Ltd, a firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, has been offering dealing services in Derivatives to institutions and individuals since 1986. Whether your requirement is for an advisory or execution only account, as an individual or corporate customer, dealing by telephone or on-line, you will find our professional service together with our broad range of product coverage the key reason that allows us to remain a market leader in the provision of broking services.

    For more information about Berkeley Futures Limited please contact Marc Quinn on +44(0) 20 7758 4777 or email him on, or visit our website at

    Futures and options trading is a high risk area of investment in which it is possible to lose more money than your original deposit. Investment in this area may not be suitable for you; should you have any doubts you should seek advice from your investment adviser.