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    Good Afternoon Traders,

    The next installment in the Free Educational Webinar Series is Tomorrow. Here are the details:

    Trading the Open
    Presented by: Bill Duryea
    Tuesday, April 11th, 4:30pm EST, 8:30pm GMT
    The opening range is typically a major part of the daily trading session. Therefore, trades correctly placed at the open offer high profitability.
    There are several ways of analyzing the open in relation to the prior days close. We make a comparison with the buying interest and selling pressure during the previous day's session, the distribution of the volume through out the previous day's trading range and the location of the close in relation to the prior day's price activity.
    On that basis, we can then make inferences as to the possible market direction at the next mornings open.
    Join us for a discussion on how to evaluate the prior day's activity and make potential inferences for the next day's session.

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    For more information regarding this webinar, please contact:
    Jessica Kurjakovic
    001.212.884.8080 001.212.884.8080