FREE Webinar Tomorrow: Profiting from Risk Aversions and the Economic News PART 2

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    Good Afternoon Traders,

    The next installment in's FREE Professional Webinar Series is less than 24 hours away. Here are the details:

    Friday, April 9th, 6:30 AM EST, SIGN UP HERE (PART 2):

    The second part of the webinar will explain to traders how to identify key tradable news, including a look at 4 different news trading systems and examples of the set up, entry and exit techniques.

    • When and how risk aversion in the currency markets got started
    • Using risk aversion to profit from day trades
    • How economic news can foretell risk aversion
    • Risk aversion as a key part of long term trade strategy
    • News traders' mantra "everything will be reflected in the price"
    • Profiting from scheduled and unscheduled news events
    • 4 short term news trading systems that work
    • Trading the news with a technical market view
    • Putting on great trades before the news is actually released

    Part 2 will begin 30 minutes prior to the Canada employment news release. During this time Jimmy Young will discuss the current market conditions and how that might affect news trade strategies. Then Mr. Young will precisely define what the news trading strategy will be. Once the news is released Jimmy will execute the strategy in real time. As the trade develops, he will take you through the thought process in executing the news trade strategy.

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    For more information regarding this webinar, please contact:
    Jessica Kurjakovic